Sustainable Transportation

For over 6,000 years, the wheel stood as the greatest innovation in energy efficiency. However, it is straining to cope with the demands placed on it by modern vehicles. Today, as we face mounting resource and environmental challenges, it is time we made this most ubiquitous technology, a most efficient and sustainable one too.

With Absolut Airless, Autovector has the mission to set new standards of safety, economy, and environmental responsibility, providing, in fact, sustainable transportation for sustainable living.

Safety Always

Our mission is to make driving the safest it could ever be. Clearly, Absolut Airless does away with the risks associated with air pressure in pneumatic tires, but its superior reliability even in adverse and extreme conditions makes it one of the safest tires ever.

Driving in Harmony

With the World

In 2017, the global tire industry produced some 2.5 billion tires, projected to become 3 billion by 2020. Hundreds of millions of discarded tires end up in landfills every year, many more are burnt, and only a small percentage is recycled. Whether burnt or dumped, conventional tires are extremely polluting and eco-toxic. Most of the microplastics in the oceans come from tires. The list goes on.

Absolut Airless represents an absolutely minimal design of the wheel/tire assembly, saving up to 80% of the rubber used in conventional tires, and in some applications may replace all rubber with recyclable thermoplastic polyurethane.

Ecological is Economical

Absolut Airless delivers exceptionally low rolling resistance, which translates into a significant reduction in fuel consumption. This means less pollution and CO2 emissions for sure, but also more money in your wallet. Over the life time of your vehicle, Absolut tires could pay for themselves in fuel savings compared to pneumatic tires.

Electric. Shared. Autonomous.

Absolut’s energy savings mean longer range, the Holy Grail of electric vehicles. With longer range and practically no maintenance requirements, car sharing and autonomous vehicle services become much more appealing. Our greatest contribution to sustainability may yet turn out to be in accelerating the adoption of these socially responsible transportation technologies.


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