With increasing loads and demands for higher performance, the pneumatic tire has become increasingly complex and expensive, but remains vulnerable to punctures and pressure loss, causing tire related accidents that claim thousands of lives every year. Airless tires, with elastomer spokes, introduce new problems because their spokes have to work both in compression and in tension, requiring an impossible combination of stiff­ness and resilience.

With Absolut Airless, Autovector has invented the simplest possible design that eliminates these problems. The Absolut load bearing mechanism places the elastomer spokes in the longitudinal direction, where they act as beams both between rim spokes as between rigid spokes formed in the outer hoop. The Absolut design allows the beams to carry the load in tension at all times, eliminating the highly disturbing tension-compression cyclic fatigue load while providing effective cushioning and ride comfort.

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The optimal use of elastomers in the construction of Absolut Airless translates directly into lower rolling resistance and fuel savings. Absolut tires also feature a very low profile – less than 3 inches high for a passenger car tire, and still deliver the ride comfort of luxury tires, superior load capacity, less noise, and less vibration. Absolut Airless delivers lower rolling resistance without compromises.



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Absolut Safety

By its very design, Absolut Airless sets the standard for tire safety. The Active Belt is made of a strong, abrasion-resistant polyurethane, and can be further reinforced to deliver higher safety levels with little impact on performance.

The safety of Absolut tires goes beyond flat-proof to deliver a full range of safety mechanisms. The risk of hydroplaning can be practically eliminated, and wet and dry tractions can be optimized with little concern for anything but tread design. The introduction of energy harvesting in Absolut tires will enable advanced safety features that can be expected only from deploying sensing and computing intelligence atop simple structures.


Bolts! That’s all it will take to (dis)assemble an Absolut tire and its rim. With larger rims and no barrel to contend with, the Absolut design freedom is matched only by a royalty free license to give our partners a free reign to create absolutely the most innovative and beautiful rims ever.

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